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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the wood we use really come from barns?

Definitely YES !   The pieces you have seen come from barns and sheds from Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.

Do we make only rustic barnwood furniture?

We have found a wonderful niche for creativity in using barnwood reclaimed from our rural western America, but we also design distressed painted furniture from pine and fir upon request.

How is the weathered wood finished?

Some of the wood is left untouched because of its rustic beauty. Most of the wood requires some sanding to remove splinters and to reveal the woodgrain highlights; a sealer with stain is sometimes applied to enhance the woodtones, and the wood is handrubbed with wax to produce a smooth satin finish. A satin polyurethane finish is oftwn used on tabletops for better protection against moisture and use.

What kind of joinery do I use in these pieces?

Because of the nature of old barnwood, nearly all joints are screwed and glued !  The cabinets and tables also use mortise and tenon joinery in the framework for strength.

How are the stone tile tabletops put together?
Vanity Cabinet with stone tile topI begin by selecting each natural stone tile for its unusual color and texture.  The tiles used are 12” and 16” square and about 5/8” thick.  However, they are rarely “square” or flat, so I must carefully construct the tabletop framework around them. The top is secured to a thick plywood base, then the stone tiles are leveled and glued to the base. Once completed, it is  attached to the cabinet or table frame.

What is the delivery time after placing an order?

Please contact us about our present work shedule, and also read the shipping information on our ORDERING webpage

Is barnwood a renewable resource or just a scarce commodity?

Just like a good vintage wine, weathered barnwood takes time to age to just the perfect ‘flavor and color’. However, old wooden barns are disappearing from the landscape, and are not being replaced.  Therefore,  you are truly receiving a unique treasure from the past when purchasing an original from...
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Distressed painted Bedpost detail

Barnwood Cabinet with diagonal stone tile inlay



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