This is a photo gallery of some of the furniture I have created over the years. It is here to give you an overall taste of what I do. Much of my work is custom and mostly I just let the creative part within me have its freedom. Please click on the furniture links above for information on each piece I offer.

My philosophy of creating furniture with barnwood is to allow the character of the wood to become the focus of each finished work. This sometimes means leaving the wood alone, as much I am tempted to do something more. And sometimes it means hours of sanding and cutting to achieve just the right balance of artistry and primitiveness.

At times a stain and finish applied to the barnwood will truly enhance the wood, and I have to say, "WOW" as the richness of the woodgrain delights my eyes, but then there is a special place in my furniture creations for beauty that only years of beating rain, blistering sun, and howling wind can reveal as its own handiwork.
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Sunburst Custom Armoire
Drawer detail
Rustic Barnwood Doors
Highback Storage Bench
Simple BW Bench
Bench and Dining Table

Barnwood Bench detail
Barnwood Storage Bench
Bench Coatpeg detail
Barnwood Bookshelves and Cabinet
Double-wide Bookshelves
Divided BW Bookshelves
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