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..and old barns gracefully relinquish their strength and purpose.The Old Weathered Barns
planted in our western landscape speak to us of the enduring farm and ranch families, rooted down, living off the land, gathering in its resources. But old farms make way for new subdivisions; old ranchers saddle up one last time for the city; and old barns gracefully relinquish their strength and purpose.

I have been fortunate to purchase several of these beautifully aged structures to retrieve the wood nail by nail, board by board. The work is tedious and at times dangerous. It is the rugged character of the old west I desire to recreate in the furniture I build.

The style is simple and straightforward.  I let the wood tell its story, a  “writing” of historical rural endeavor in a land of once virgin forests, in a country of harsh seasons which etch their signatures slowly, persistently, wonderfully over time.

These barns we cannot replace,
yet their uniqueness is recreated in the furniture I design and build for you.

Stephen B. Burlison

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