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Eight Tile Coffee Table

72w x 36d x 18h

A sturdy rugged-looking table upon which to set your favorite brew or your tired and aching feet!  The eight hand-selected stone tiles are set in a rustic weathered barnwood frame.

Two spacious drawers on roller glides pull out for magazines, remotes, games. Hand-rubbed wax finish in light brown or mahogany ....$2000 (#TAB6)

Eight-Tile Coffee Table

Michigan customer says...

"My compliments on the coffee table! I think it must be the loveliest one in the world! Thank you so much for crafting it for us — we’ll enjoy it every day. Please feel free to call on us if you need a reference. Regards, Chelly."


Six-Tile Coffee Table


Six Tile Coffee Table
52w x 36d x 18h

Similar to the 8-tile coffee table (above) in design, with a single drawer....$1750 (#TAB5)


Two Tile Coffee Table
48w x 27d x 18h

A framework of thick barnwood planking surrounds two 16-inch natural stone tiles selected for their unique color and texture, so each table is unusual.

A hand rubbed wax finish is applied to the tile and frame.....$975 (#TAB3)


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Two-Tile Coffee Table

Four-Tile Coffee Table

Add $75 for drawer if desired.

Four Tile Coffee Table
36w x 36d x 18h

The table framework is created with one and two-inch thick barnwood planking.

Four 12-inch natural stone tiles selected to complement each other are inlaid in the barnwood top. They vary in color and texture, so each table is unique. A hand rubbed wax finish is applied to the tile and barnwood frame.....$1475 (#TAB4)


Barnwood Coffee Table
42w x 42d x 18h

All barnwood table, rugged, massive, simple.The wood is more heavily sanded to reveal hidden hues of the past, and is finished with a Danish wood oil. Colors and texture vary from table to table depending on the amount of weathering of the wood.....$1250 (#TAB7)

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